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  • News - 25 September 2023, 7:30 pm

    While Thai regulators aim to tax crypto earned overseas, Brazilian lawmakers seek to protect it from seizure. Hong Kong regulators are looking to tighten the noose around the crypto market after arresting six individuals following allegations of fraud around an unlicensed crypto exchange, JPEX. The government intends to increase its efforts to inform investors and…Read More

  • News - 25 September 2023, 6:20 pm

    Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong and chief legal officer Paul Grewal issued a joint statement questioning the SEC’s reasoning in its Sept. 22 objection. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission has filed an objection to Celsius Network’s reorganization plan based in part on the regulator’s own ongoing lawsuit with crypto exchange Coinbase.On Sept. 22, the…Read More

  • News - 25 September 2023, 5:15 pm

    OpenAI collaborated with professional voice actors to train the models to speak. The generative artificial intelligence (AI) space continues to heat up as OpenAI has unveiled GPT-4V, a vision-capable model, and multimodal conversational modes for its ChatGPT system. With the new upgrades, announced on Sept. 25, ChatGPT users will be able to engage the chatbot in…Read More

  • News - 25 September 2023, 4:21 pm

    The strength in the United States dollar index could keep Bitcoin and select altcoins under pressure in the near term. Bitcoin’s (BTC) weakness on Sep. 24 shows that the bears remain in control. Sellers are trying to pull the price below $26,000 but the bulls are likely to defend the level with vigor. Buyers are…Read More

  • News - 25 September 2023, 4:12 pm

    Xiaodong Feng, Mixin’s founder, immediately outlined a compensation plan but would only reimburse up to 50% of users’ assets for now. Mixin Network, a Hong Kong-based decentralized cross-chain transfer protocol, is drawing controversy over the disclosure of a $200 million hack.On Sept. 23, the database of Mixin’s cloud service provider was breached by hackers, resulting…Read More

  • News - 25 September 2023, 3:26 pm

    Bitcoin faces the highest levels in the U.S. Dollar Index of 2023 so far as BTC price action wobbles. Bitcoin (BTC) hugged $26,000 at the Sept. 24 Wall Street open as a weekly close “nosedive” brought lasting consequences.BTC/USD 1-hour chart. Source: TradingViewBitcoin must preserve support now, analysis saysData from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView showed…Read More

  • News - 25 September 2023, 2:48 pm

    HTX crypto exchange has been hacked, but it claims to know the identity of the attacker. Huobi Global’s HTX crypto exchange was hacked on Sept. 24, according to a report from blockchain analytics platform Cyvers. A total of $7.9 million of crypto has been drained in the attack.A known Huobi hot wallet posted a message…Read More

  • News - 25 September 2023, 1:08 pm

    Amazon has agreed to invest $4 billion into the artificial intelligence startup Anthropic to develop high-performing foundation models. Amazon and artificial intelligence (AI) startup Anthropic have announced a new investment agreement to aid the research and development of new high-performing foundation models. In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Anthropic revealed that Amazon will invest $4…Read More

  • News - 25 September 2023, 1:01 pm

    The e-CNY app now allows tourists to top-up their wallets using Mastercard and Visa payments with a “recharge first and use later” option. Tourists planning to visit the People’s Republic of China can now pre-charge their digital yuan wallets using Visa and Mastercard payment options as the nation continues to update the mobile app powering…Read More

  • News - 25 September 2023, 1:01 pm

    The announcement of yet another top figure departing Binance coincided with an increased outflow of funds from the crypto platform. But can one executive resignation really have such an impact? On Sept. 13, news broke of yet another high-level executive parting ways with Binance.US. This time, it was none other than Brian Shroder, the CEO and…Read More

  • News - 25 September 2023, 12:48 pm

    MicroStrategy bought the latest Bitcoin stash at an average price of $27,053 per coin, or 9% lower than the average purchase price of its entire BTC purchase. MicroStrategy, a business intelligence firm and major Bitcoin (BTC) investor, is sending a bullish signal to the market by announcing the acquisition of another big stash of cryptocurrency.Michael…Read More

  • News - 25 September 2023, 12:16 pm

    Chinese scientists are reportedly considering constructing massive facilities to manufacture the technology necessary to create AI semiconductor chips locally. China is looking to build artificial intelligence (AI) chip factories for creating particle accelerators to help position the country as a leader in the global semiconductor industry, according to a report from the South China Morning Post…Read More

  • News - 25 September 2023, 11:50 am

    A CoinShares crypto market flow report reveals that traders are more confident in XRP and Solana. Crypto investment products registered their sixth consecutive week of outflows for the week ending Sept. 24. According to data from CoinShares, digital asset outflows from crypto investment products reached $9 million last week.Weekly crypto asset flows. Source: CoinSharesBitcoin (BTC)…Read More

  • News - 25 September 2023, 11:18 am

    Bitcoin is worth around $26,000 today, with BTC price declining 4% over the past week following the Federal Reserve’s hawkish message. The price of Bitcoin (BTC) is holding above $26,000 on Sept. 25, continuing to show weakness after last week’s United States Federal Reserve interest rate decision. Will the Fed push Bitcoin price lower?On Sept. 21, Fed officials…Read More

  • News - 25 September 2023, 10:22 am

    The amount of unclaimed Arbitrum tokens accounts for 0.69% of ARB’s total supply of 10 billion. Arbitrum, a major layer-2 scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain, has officially added the unclaimed tokens from its airdrop to its treasury.The Arbitrum Foundation sent 69.4 million unclaimed Arbitrum (ARB) tokens to its decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), the Arbitrum…Read More

  • News - 25 September 2023, 10:10 am

    Low latency is vital for cryptocurrency exchanges to ensure rapid order execution, capitalize on market opportunities, and maintain competitiveness. What is latency in cryptocurrency trading? The term “latency” in cryptocurrency trading refers to the delay or lag in the amount of time it takes for data to move between two points in a trading system. Latency…Read More

  • News - 25 September 2023, 9:42 am

    In an email, Tether said Cake DeFi is controlled by “another corporation that resides in Singapore,” precluding it from redeeming USDT. Tether CTO Paolo Ardoino says this has been in place since 2020. Stablecoin issuer Tether has reportedly changed its terms of service (ToS) in Singapore. An email shared by the CEO of decentralized finance…Read More

  • News - 25 September 2023, 8:21 am

    Bitcoin starts the week with a trip to $26,000 — can BTC price strength overcome sellers and a weekly “death cross?” Bitcoin (BTC) starts the last week of September with a retest of $26,000 as a stubborn range persists.An unimpressive weekly close sets the tone for the culmination of a traditionally lackluster month for BTC…Read More

  • News - 25 September 2023, 8:05 am

    Mixin Network suspended all deposits and withdrawals and will restart the services “once the vulnerabilities are confirmed and fixed.” Decentralized peer-to-peer network Mixin Network has lost approximately $200 million in a hack involving the compromise of the database of a third-party cloud service provider.On Sept. 25, Mixin Network confirmed that a hack on Sept. 23…Read More

  • News - 25 September 2023, 7:47 am

    A wallet associated with Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin was flagged sending 400 ETH, worth around $600,000, to Coinbase. Blockchain sleuths have flagged several Ether (ETH) transactions from a wallet associated with Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin in September 2023, totaling over $3.9 million.Separate blockchain monitoring profiles shared details of a 400 ETH transaction, worth an estimated…Read More

  • News - 25 September 2023, 6:01 am

    Chainlink critics have reiterated concerns about the oracle network’s supposed centralization after a subtle adjustment to its multisig wallet. Decentralized oracle network Chainlink has downplayed a recent change in the number of signers required on its multisig wallet — a move that garnered backlash on social media from vocal critics.Crypto researcher Chris Blec was among…Read More

  • News - 25 September 2023, 5:35 am

    The North Korean hacking collective has at least $47 million in cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Ether, BNB and various stablecoins, including Binance USD. North Korean hacking collective Lazarus Group holds a whopping $47 million in cryptocurrency, most of which is in Bitcoin (BTC), new data shows.According to data collated on Dune Analytics from, the parent…Read More

  • News - 25 September 2023, 5:08 am

    OpenSea flags possible security breach, board member at Celsius’ NewCo steps down, Venezuelan authorities find Bitcoin miners during police raid and more. Opensea warns API users of third-party security breachNonfungible token (NFT) marketplace OpenSea has warned users that one of its third-party vendors has experienced a security incident, potentially exposing users’ OpenSea API keys.The NFT…Read More

  • News - 25 September 2023, 4:18 am

    In the wake of the ongoing JPEX scandal, the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission says it will issue a public list of suspicious crypto trading platforms. One of Hong Kong’s principal financial regulators, the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), has vowed to step up efforts to combat unregulated cryptocurrency trading platforms in its jurisdiction.According…Read More

  • News - 25 September 2023, 2:42 am

    Hong Kong police said the leaders of the JPEX crypto exchange are still at large and are now enlisting the help of Interpol to track them down. The masterminds behind Hong Kong’s JPEX alleged crypto exchange scandal — referred to by some as the largest financial fraud to ever hit the city — have eluded…Read More