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  • News - 9 December 2022, 3:10 am

    A tentative timeline of March 2023 has been set for the Shanghai upgrade which will enable staking withdrawals, a list of EIPs have also been packaged in but EIP-4844 didn’t make the cut. Ethereum core developers have opted to prioritize the enabling of staking withdrawals via the Shanghai upgrade first before implementing The Surge-related Ethereum Improvement…Read More

  • News - 9 December 2022, 3:00 am

    The gaming company has stopped its cryptocurrency-related focuses but is seemingly still pushing ahead with its NFT and blockchain plans. Gaming retailer GameStop says it will no longer focus any efforts on cryptocurrencies, after amounting $94.7 million in net losses in the third quarter and laying off staff from its digital assets department. On a…Read More

  • Bitcoin News - 9 December 2022, 2:30 am

    Two congressional hearings will be held next week on the collapse of cryptocurrency exchange FTX and U.S. lawmakers have asked former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) to testify. As the founder of FTX and Alameda Research, “you must answer for the failure of both entities that was caused, at least in part, by the clear…Read More

  • News - 9 December 2022, 1:26 am

    Sam Bankman-Fried previously told crypto vlogger Tiffany Fong that all his Republican donations “were dark.” A watchdog group has demanded an investigation into Sam Bankman-Fried’s political donations, claiming the former FTX CEO admitted to donating tens of millions of dollars to Republicans under the table, in violation of federal law.The Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics…Read More

  • Bitcoin News - 9 December 2022, 12:30 am

    Jordan Belfort, aka the Wolf of Wall Street, expects bitcoin and ethereum to be “a lot higher” than they are now. Noting that the collapsed crypto exchange FTX is a scam, he stressed that its implosion “doesn’t mean that you can disregard bitcoin completely and say it’s worthless or going to zero.” The Wolf of…Read More

  • News - 8 December 2022, 11:57 pm

    Cryptocurrency has evolved over the last decade, but Krugman is still hung up on Bitcoin’s 2008 white paper. In mid-November, as crypto markets reeled in the aftermath of FTX’s meltdown, Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman made use of his New York Times column to disparage crypto assets — again. Despite his unquestionable academic credentials, Krugman…Read More

  • News - 8 December 2022, 11:30 pm

    The Securities and Exchange Commission’s corporate finance division reminded companies of disclosure requirements and provided guidance to what else they want to know. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued new guidance that could see publicly traded companies disclose their exposure to crypto assets.In a statement released on Dec. 8, the SEC’s…Read More

  • Bitcoin News - 8 December 2022, 10:30 pm

    On Wednesday, non-fungible token (NFT) supporters discovered that NFT metadata hosted on the platform FTX US points to broken metadata, and the links now point to FTX’s restructuring website. Specific collections that were minted on the Solana blockchain via the FTX US NFT platform do not show the NFT’s imagery and marketplace listings on the…Read More

  • News - 8 December 2022, 9:54 pm

    The Crypto-Asset Environmental Transparency Act would instruct the Environmental Protection Agency to report on crypto mining activity consuming more than five megawatts. Three United States lawmakers have introduced legislation that would direct the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to report on the energy usage and environmental impact of crypto miners.In a Dec. 8 announcement, California Representative…Read More

  • News - 8 December 2022, 9:30 pm

    The Digital Money Institute’s third annual payments report looks at central bank digital currencies for the first time, as well as other payment methods, through the lens of cross-border payment utility. Central bank digital currency (CBDC) development aims squarely at inclusion, both for the central bank in the national economy and for the people it…Read More

  • News - 8 December 2022, 9:15 pm

    The team stated on Twitter that deposits would be disabled “shortly” and withdrawals within 30 days. The developers of bridging platform Ren have warned users to unwrap their tokens and bridge them back to their native chains “ASAP,” or risk losing them.1) Important notice ⚠️As announced previously, the Ren 1.0 network is shutting down due…Read More

  • News - 8 December 2022, 8:31 pm

    November saw a reduction in BTC mining revenue for publicly traded miners, a decline in venture capital investment, and signals of Bitcoin going to $12,000. The crypto markets have been in decline since the start of the second quarter of 2022. Each time it seemed like the apparent crypto winter would experience a minor thaw,…Read More

  • News - 8 December 2022, 8:30 pm

    A previous version of Ethereum for Rust had been released by Erigon in June, but the team stopped supporting it due to a lack of resources. Web3 investment firm Paradigm has released a Rust implementation of Ethereum, according to a Dec. 7 announcement from the company’s chief technology officer, Georgios Konstantopoulos. The new software, called…Read More

  • Bitcoin News - 8 December 2022, 8:30 pm

    After discovering that ten holding firms associated with FTX Digital and Alameda Research invested roughly $5.4 billion into nearly 500 firms and projects, people have been curious about a few specific investments. One specific investment made by FTX Ventures Ltd. was for $25 million into the Ohio-based firm 80 Acres, a company that specializes in…Read More

  • News - 8 December 2022, 7:51 pm

    Regulatory pressure continues to limit each upside breakout, but data shows some compelling reasons for an eventual crypto market rally. The total cryptocurrency market capitalization has dropped 1.5% in the past seven days to rest at $840 billion. The slightly negative movement did not break the ascending channel initiated on Nov. 12, although the overall…Read More

  • News - 8 December 2022, 7:30 pm

    According to a former employee, an internal team at BlockFi raised concerns about the borrower pool being too concentrated among crypto whales such as Three Arrows Capital and Alameda. Following BlockFi’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing with the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of New Jersey, reports have surfaced about the crypto lending company’s risk…Read More

  • News - 8 December 2022, 6:39 pm

    Users will be able to withdrew their staked Ether and applicable rewards after the upgrade goes live. According to a discussion at the 151st Ethereum Core Developers Meeting on Dec. 8, core programmers have set a tentative deadline of March 2023 for Ethereum’s Shanghai hard fork. In addition, developers will aim for May or June…Read More

  • Bitcoin News - 8 December 2022, 6:30 pm

    According to the team behind the open protocol Ren, developers are winding down the Ren 1.0 network following the FTX and Alameda Research collapse. Last year, under previous Ren leadership, Alameda acquired Ren and was funding development every quarter. On Dec. 7, 2022, Ren developers warned Ren 1.0 and 2.0 compatibility “cannot be guaranteed” and…Read More

  • News - 8 December 2022, 6:30 pm

    “FTX’s collapse shows that crypto may be more integrated into the banking system than regulators are aware,” said Senators Elizabeth Warren and Tina Smith. Two members of the United States Senate have called on the heads of federal financial regulators to address “ties between the banking industry and cryptocurrency firms” in the wake of FTX’s…Read More

  • News - 8 December 2022, 6:01 pm

    WAVES price and its USDN stablecoin lose value after the Digital Asset eXchange Association issues a caution notice and Upbit exchange delists the token. Algorithmic stablecoins have had a rough year, starting with TerraUSD (UST) depegging to zero and the subsequent blow-up of Terra’s LUNA token, which was used for the asset’s backing. Algorithmic stablecoins…Read More

  • News - 8 December 2022, 5:17 pm

    The firm manages more than $14.7 billion in digital assets through its OTC investment vehicles. According to statistics sourced from data aggregator YCharts, seven digital currency funds issued by asset manager Grayscale Investments are currently at a discount of 34% to 69% to their net asset value, or NAV. Holdings tracked in the analysis include…Read More

  • Bitcoin News - 8 December 2022, 5:04 pm

    Litecoin fell for a third consecutive session on Thursday, as the token continued to move away from recent highs. Cryptocurrencies have been mostly lower in recent days, as traders continue to fear a global recession. Cosmos also remained in the red during today’s session. Litecoin (LTC) Litecoin (LTC) dropped to a ten-day low on Thursday,…Read More

  • News - 8 December 2022, 5:00 pm

    The Nomad protocol will allow users to bridge back madAssets and access a pro-rata share of recovered funds. The Nomad token bridge has announced its relaunch guide after fixing the contract vulnerability that led to a $190 million exploit in August. According to a blog post from Dec. 7, the Nomad protocol will allow users…Read More

  • News - 8 December 2022, 4:17 pm

    The company’s latest initiative will allow users to open up a U.S. dollar checking account with only their name, email, and phone number. American fintech company ZELF has introduced an anonymous Visa debit card to be accepted at any of Visa’s 80 million locations worldwide. ZELF’s latest initiative will allow users to open up a U.S.…Read More

  • Bitcoin News - 8 December 2022, 3:30 pm

    Over the last few weeks, there’s been a lot of information revealed surrounding the recent FTX and Alameda Research disaster. On Dec. 6, the Financial Times (FT) published documentation that shows Alameda’s investment portfolio, which alleges the company spent more than $5 billion on hundreds of investments. Some of the funds went to odd investments…Read More

  • News - 8 December 2022, 3:27 pm

    BTC price action targets $17,000 amid gently increasing volatility, with a week to go until U.S. inflation data. Bitcoin (BTC) ranged below $17,000 at the Dec. 8 Wall Street open as the U.S. dollar threatened further weakness.BTC/USD 1-hour candle chart (Bitstamp). Source: TradingViewDollar dips as stocks see modest uptData from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView…Read More

  • News - 8 December 2022, 3:03 pm

    All the companies that are involved in producing hardware crypto wallets have multiple revenue streams, either directly or indirectly. The hardware wallet industry has emerged as one of the most resilient sectors to the ongoing cryptocurrency winter, with issues like the FTX crash bringing in even more cold wallet sales.The bear market of 2022 has…Read More

  • News - 8 December 2022, 3:00 pm

    “We could not sleep properly for a few days,” said Jaime Zulueta, as he told Cointelegraph the story of how he and his wife dealt with losing their funds at FTX. While it’s undeniable that companies were significantly affected by the FTX debacle, retail investors like Jaime Zulueta – who recently just got married –…Read More

  • News - 8 December 2022, 3:00 pm

    Uncertainty and a lack of communication were among the complaints of Koinly employees laid off in recent months before the company made an official announcement. Crypto tax firm Koinly announced cuts of up to 14% of its global team in response to the “intensifying bear market” — but many employees have pushed back against this…Read More

  • News - 8 December 2022, 2:45 pm

    Many years ago, it was AI. Now, its metaverse, he says. From the governments perspective, […] as long as you dont have a coin itself, theyre willing to support a lot of these new technologies Doo Wan Nam from StableNodeSouth Korea: The land of the metaverseIf you had to pick the one country thats most…Read More

  • News - 8 December 2022, 2:31 pm

    Cryptocurrency payment gateways are digital currency payment processors that allow merchants to offer cryptocurrencies as a payment method. The parallel development of payment processors for digital currencies is taking place along with the implementation of blockchain technology in various industries like healthcare, academics, supply chain and among others. Businesses willing to accept cryptocurrencies as a…Read More

  • Bitcoin News - 8 December 2022, 2:06 pm

    Bitcoin continued to slip on Thursday, with the coin remaining close to its lowest level since the end of November. Momentum in cryptocurrency markets has shifted in recent days, with sentiment currently bearish. Ethereum was also lower, with the token dropping towards $1,200. Bitcoin Bitcoin (BTC) remained near a one-week low on Thursday, as cryptocurrencies…Read More

  • News - 8 December 2022, 2:00 pm

    Industry experts and one skeptical economist tackle the world of crypto, blockchain and Web3 in a new series from online learning platform Masterclass. For the uninitiated, the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology can be daunting, confusing and difficult to comprehend. Three industry experts and a skeptical economist explore the past, present and future of…Read More

  • Bitcoin News - 8 December 2022, 12:30 pm

    The Bank of Spain is seeking the collaboration of organizations interested in participating in an experimental test on a wholesale central bank digital currency (CBDC). The institution clarified this new program has no relation with the current investigation on a possible digital euro, and has the objective of examining the real possibilities and advantages of…Read More

  • Bitcoin News - 8 December 2022, 10:30 am

    In a new directive to financial institutions, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) said individuals can now only withdraw an equivalent of just under $222 per week while corporates can only withdraw cash not exceeding $1,111 during the same period. The new limits, which are in line with the CBN’s cashless policy, are set to…Read More